Who Are We
We are PolitiCap, a non-profit project by 3DN. PolitiCap is a stock market simulation game which trades shares of Politicians. The name is based on the word 'market cap' which stands for Market Capitalisation. There are many stock market simulation games, some very succesfull, but most are very limited in the trading aspects. PolitiCap aims to simulate a real stock market modelled mostly on the American NYSE on all levels. You will get the opportunity to become a news agency, a stock broker, a market maker, etc. This will make PolitiCap one of the most representative stock market simulators in the world. As a secondary goal, we aim to get a fair valuation of politicians. No hype, no 'electronic voting machines', no buyable polling bureaus. On PolitiCap you determine what a Politician is really worth.
A Market
The idea of a market is very simple:
So after you Sign Up, you Log In, you buy low and you sell high. This will result in profits. Profits can earn you prizes. Is there anything more to it?